Är det här allmänkunskap i terapeutSammanhang ?

kroppsorienterade trauma behandlingar

On Healing Trauma, respected therapist and teacher Peter A. Levine brings you face to face with his effective new treatment – not a ”talking” cure, but a deep physiological process for releasing your past traumas and instilling a harmonious awareness of your body. Are you experiencing physical or emotional symptoms that no one is able to explain? If so, you may be suffering a traumatic reaction to a past event, teaches Levine. Medical researchers have known for decades that survivors of accidents, disaster, and childhood trauma often endure life-long symptoms ranging from anxiety and depression to unexplained physical pain and harmful ”acting out” behaviors reflecting these painful events. As a young stress researcher at the university of California at Berkeley, Levine found that all animals, including humans, are born with a natural ability to rebound from these distressing situations. Researchers have shown that survivors of accidents, disaster, and childhood trauma often endure lifelong symptoms ranging from anxiety and depression to unexplained physical pain, fatigue, illness, and harmful ”acting out” behaviors. Today, professionals and clients in both the bodywork and the psychotherapeutic fields nationwide are turning to Peter A. Levine’s breakthrough Somatic Experiencing® methods to actively overcome these challenges.In Healing Trauma, Dr. Levine gives you the personal how-to guide for using the theory he first introduced in his highly acclaimed work Waking the Tiger. Join him to discover: how to develop body awareness to ”renegotiate” and heal traumas by ”revisiting” them rather than reliving them; emergency ”first-aid” measures for times of distress; and nature’s lessons for uncovering the physiological roots of your emotions. ”Trauma is a fact of life,” teaches Peter Levine, ”but it doesn’t have to be a life sentence.” Now, with one fully integrated self-healing tool, he shares his essential methods to address unexplained symptoms of trauma at their source―the body―to return us to the natural state in which we are meant to live

Vad traumatiseringar gör En biologisk reaktion ..sit with the sensations .. just as the animals do . We wanted to rum ..couldnt run ..it get stuck in our body . The memory ,stress, frozeness can stay ower years in the body ..get access to the energy that was looked in
för ett barn att ramla av cykeln , trafikolycka ,barn lämnade ensamma utan förklaring efter chock ,
We left Our body to protect ourself from owerwelming experiences
Att återknyta till kroppen att lösa upp deN trauma spänning chocken som sitter kvar i kroppen . Jag tycker jag känner igen att en del av den här Kunskapen redan är integrerad i olika talks hos aTara B ,Tolle osv

out of stiffness

*** come back to life and witality.
reduce the fog ,the intencity ,feeling reduce..

.några av de Saker vi gör naturligt vid ”enklare” trauma ..nivåer..??
uot of stiffness in to fluidity.

Men redanFreud har. Ju sagt det tydligen .the mind has forgotten But the body remember. Så varför har det inte blivit mer allmän kunskap att chock smärt stress sitter kvar i kroppen och orsakar unresolwed ..fysiska besvär av varierande slag .

The immobility chock reaction…Som om själen lämnar kroppen ,.Freeze Foun
Often blaming and shaming themself ..If I only had ..Judge

Djur som vid fara låtsa vara döda ..

This unrecharged energy after trauma
putting themselves into dangerous situations ..repeated the trauma

exercise Beeing the anomal .. meeting the preditatory animal . Allowe yourself to sink into the animal state …instinktively recognising feel Your Muscules feel Your breath sensations in Your Bobby ..follow This sensation for a bit of a time ..We have This responses too in our Bobby

In Your daily life ..

the inability response reaction det fångade djuret

complete the cyckle to come back to ..graduallly let the energy out alittle bit out of the Time

Den låsta energin …neo cortex Released by shaking and trembling ..it can scare us and We try to stop it ..learn to

We are afraid of hurting someone or ourselves and stop the process

after getting trough a rebirthfeeling .. simply allow it to move trough ability to feel