intressant diskussion

den här var inte lätt att följa ..och ingen snygg layout jag skulle vilja skriva av en del av diskussionenså den får vara här

men gav värdefulla insikter 27/6 word on fire

några nyckelord set an aim against the nihilistic cruelty ..jesus in disgust

religion means that you believe in something that you

do not have any rational reason to believe and you ve just embrased it as a matter completely irrational as a kind of personal mantra

The word of fire institute

de två grundfrågorna does GAD exist an did gad create the universe

for most people religion is un unidetified mass

therfore is meaning ,strukture,purpose and order in existence

faith and reason de twå wingar i dialog

faith and reason are the two wings that the human person uses to fly towards the truth and beauty there is a kind of harmony even if they are different the left and the right wing .But they are not set against each other

faith is supra rational intuition, music ,art poesi beauty

gad is the ultimate sourse of both faith and reason

something is calling you and you are

och den här skakande historien JORDANS dotter biverkningar av psy benzoider

JBP själv höll på att dö av biverkningar ..kliniker i ASERBIEN Moskva osv —